Saturday, September 27, 2014

KanalD WoWbiz Cancan Barbie from Romania

Hello everyone,
Well,there's nothing more special than television.The lights,cameras,makeup,new people.OMG.I mean,it's not easy,but I think it's still perfect.The feeling you have when you talk at the microphone.JUST WOW.I want to spend all my life there.
Happily,my dream came true.I'm really thankful,grateful and sincerely..LUCKY.THE LUCKIEST GIRL EVER.
So,here we are at Teo's show HAHA.Three pretty girls. :-)

I'm gonna talk more about my brand new song! Soooo it will be  a love story(between Barbie and Ken hahah).They live in a perfect world,and obviously…they're perfect.Love is the most pure feeling,at after all they will be together forever.Like in all the stories,the princess will find her Prince Charming.
(by the way, I love my curls hahahah).

                            Having fun with the crew haha

Selfie after the show

                                   Me and my favourite Barbie doll


Friday, September 19, 2014

Questions #2

1.        How's going you career?
Well,everything it's perfect I guess.I started my career in music lately and I'm really happy.It's a surprise, so I can't say many things,but it's going to be a duet with an american singer.Kinda nice.

2.How was the first day of school?Can u post an outfit picture?

Alright,so I had a simple outfit.Black pants,white blouse&black leather jacket -I forgot brown boots haha.
Here you are.

3.You lost so much weight.I wish you could tell me your secret!

It's not really a secret haha.I eat only healthy food and I'm a professional figure skater/ballerina.Sooo I burn loooooooots of calories.I do it also for passion haha,not for a nice body. :)

4.What outfit should we pick this autumn?

I love to wear sweaters,jackets, long dresses and skinny jeans.Well,it depends on your style.I went to some shopping sessions, and today I've bought a cute pink cropped sweater & padded vest wih contrast edging from Zara.Hope that it helps you.

4.Have you dyed your hair?
Nooooo way,I'm still blonde.

5.Do you smoke?


6.What makeup products do you use?

Mac,Chanel,Dior,Too faced,Yves Saint Laurent are my favourites.

7.Post a childhood picture.

8.Do you have a boyfriend?


9.Your lips look bigger now.Why?

I guess they look bigger because I use an amazing gloss from Too faced.I did nothing,I swear haha.

10.I heard that you wanted to move in Sweden.I'm also living in Gothenburg and I love my city.What's your opinion? Do you know swedish?

Well,I love Sweden.Gothenburg is such a beautiful city.I love everything about it.The weather is bad during the winter,and that's the only bad point in my opinion.Of course I know swedish.It's my favourite language after english,of course.

11.Wow.Your hair is beautiful.What hair products do you use?

L'oreal Paris shampoo and a good mask.My hair is naturally long.

12.Your latest pictures,from that shooting.Who made them?

Gabriel Hennessey.

13.Can you post a picture,please?

14.How can you finish all the things?! I are a figure skater,ballerina,model,singer and blogger.Isn't it pretty hard for your age?

No,actually I love what I do.It's true that it may be hard,but my career is important for me.I don't have enough time,or I'm really tired sometimes that I can't barely talk or eat.But in the's worth it,believe me.

15.You are soooo childish!

Haha,yes,I'm childish.But I think really mature tho.

16.Do you play the piano?Or another instrument?

Yes,but only piano.

17.What phone do you have atm?

18.How tall are you?

19.When is your birthday?

20.What's your favourite book/movie?
Definitely "The fault in our stars" and "If I stay".

21.Do you have fake eyelashes?

No,I don't use.Just mascara.